How far in advance should I place my order?


We can only accommodate a limited number of cakes, depending on the complexity of the orders. Therefore, we recommend you place your order as soon as you know a date for your event. A non-refundable deposit will reserve your date, allowing you time to finalize the details of the cake later. Most of our wedding cakes are booked six months to a year in advance. We recommend all cake orders be placed at least a month ahead. For short notice orders, please call us immediately on the rare chance that we may be available. Any cake requires a minimum three day notice in order to be baked off and decorated to your perfection.

How Do I order a cake?

We prefer cake orders to be over the phone so that we can make sure we get all the information we need from you about your cake. We can start with the initial form available on this site. The first thing we need to know is the date of your event so that we can check if it is still available. When placing an order, please have an idea of how big a cake you need, or how many people you would like to feed, as well as the sort of style or design you have in mind. Tell us your theme, colors, and any specific design ideas you have. We will also ask for detailed contact information, event information, preferred pick-up or delivery times, and a non-refundable deposit to reserve your date.

Can I order a cake that I like from your gallery?


The cakes on our website were made for past clients, and are meant to serve as examples of what is possible. We do not like to replicate cakes made for other clients. We do, however, use pictures and past cakes as inspiration for a new custom cake made just for you. Our goal is for each of our clients to have their own personal, unique cake!

What are your cake prices?


Since all of our cakes are unique, and customized to you, we do not have set prices. Cakes are priced according to several different criteria. Our base prices per slice can give you a general idea of the estimated starting price of your cake. The base price includes the layered cake with flavored buttercream filling, fondant icing, and very simple decoration. Other factors that add to the price include cake sculpting, gum paste decorations, detailed piping, painting, airbrushing, or other time consuming design elements, and delivery. Price estimates will be provided when orders are placed, but final prices are usually not set until closer to the delivery date and are subject to change if necessary to compensate for unexpected time or level of difficulty. All cakes must be paid off in full at least one week before delivery date, or the order may be canceled.

Base Prices: Specialty Cakes: Start at minimum of $200 plus design &construction and/or delivery costs.

Wedding Cakes: Start at $4.50/slice plus extra design or delivery costs.






Do you require a deposit for cake orders?

Yes. We require a non-refundable deposit of about 50% of the estimated cake order in order to hold your date. All wedding cake orders require a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve the date. Our orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis. We receive a lot of inquiries for dates that are unavailable, so if an order is canceled at the last minute, we lose business that we could have had from other orders we turned down. For this reason deposit money will not be returned if an order is canceled. We understand that some clients prefer to have a tasting and shop around before making a final decision, so we ask that any interested clients confirm their order by putting down a deposit within one week of the tasting or appointment, or the order may be canceled. Cakes must be paid in full one week before the date of delivery, unless otherwise arranged. For some last minute cancellations, the full price of the cake may still be charged and is non-refundable.

Do you deliver or ship cakes?

Yes, we deliver. No, we do not ship cakes at this time. We prefer to deliver all wedding cakes and most large event cakes, as they may require some set-up. Delivery prices are calculated according to total travel distance. Local delivery cost is usually $20 - $45. Long deliveries or out-of-state deliveries may require special arrangements, so please contact us for more information or estimates.


Do you offer tastings, when may I come for one?

We do offer tasting appointments to clients ordering wedding cakes or for large events, based on our availability for the event date. If we are able to make a cake for you then we will schedule an appointment to discuss all of the details of your event. Due to the busy schedules of our clients and the time constraints and deadlines we face, most appointments are made during business hours, Tuesdays through Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays we are busy finishing and delivering the cakes. We try to accommodate everyone, so please contact us and we will make every effort to work within your schedule.



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What flavors can I choose from?

Your flavor options are based on your tastes. All of our cakes are made with alternating layers of cake and buttercream filling. You will need to select both a cake flavor and a buttercream flavor. Our most common cake flavors are Chocolate or Vanilla, but other flavors or spices may be added to the cakes if desired. Our buttercream can be made in a wide variety of flavors to complement the cake. We can accommodate you with many flavors as long as they are available.


What is fondant?

All of our cakes are covered in fondant, which is a sugar dough made from powdered sugar, gelatin, vanilla, and other sugary ingredients. We roll out our fondant very thin and lay it over the buttercreamed cakes. There are several reasons why we prefer to work with fondant on our cakes. We love the flawless, porcelain finish it gives to the exterior of our cakes. It also seals the cake and helps to keep it very moist on the inside. It also adds strength to the exterior of the cake in a way that makes it easier to handle, transport, and most importantly, decorate. Many of the decorations you see are sculpted or cut out of fondant and can be held in place very firmly even under stressful transportation or weather conditions. At the time the cakes are served the fondant can be cut with the cake and easily removed by anyone not wishing to eat it.


Do you make sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan cakes?

Sorry, we do not make any cakes that are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan at this time. Unfortunately, we also are unable to accommodate anyone with strict nut allergies. Allergies can be very serious and we use products (chocolate, flour, etc...) that are manufactured around nut products.