At Tweet's Cakery we embrace baking... you'll find more baked goodies that we can provide for your next event or party. You'll find our delicious cheesecakes, Chocoflans, pie pops, individual rum cakes, cake loafs, cake balls and even home-made style pies. We do not offer gluten free yet, but its in the works so stay tuned.



We bake the best cheesecakes around! Thick and creamy, customized for your tastes with fruit or chocolate chips, prices and sizes range from $25-$40. 



In the mood for a scrumptious homemade pie? Well you've come to the right place. Pie crust made from scratch as well as the fruit filling of your choice.

Small Rum Cakes - Individually sized



Looking for a moist and tasty rum cake?  Rum infused cake and glaze gives this individually sized bunt cake the perfect ending to a dinner party or the beginning of a fabulous party.

Chocoflans - Individually sized



If you've ever been in the mood for a great flan and a chocolate cake, now you can have them all in one with a chocoflan. This grvitity defying dessert will leave you wanting more.  Can be purchased by the dozen for $40 or individually for $4.00

Cake balls platters



Bite-size cakes for your next event! A cake balls platter that holds approx 50, in assorted flavors can be coordinated for your next party. prices start at $30.



If you're in the mood for something sweet on your next barbeque, why not serve up these delicious and fun to eat cake-ka-bobs. Buy them by the dozen and they come with two dipping sauces.  $18 a dozen.

Banana Bread



Homemade yummy goodness. Sweet, ripe bananas converted into a flavorful cake loaf.  Goes great with your coffee and tea or sliced and served for your next breakfast meeting.